In a world where exclusivity and luxury seem to dominate the markets, there is a secret waiting to be discovered: wines from viticultural cooperatives. In almost every cooperative, you will find good wines at great prices, affordable wines that don’t compromise on quality. This is the case with the wines from La Baronía de Turís.

At La Baronía de Turís, we strive to maintain a good quality-to-price ratio, constantly working to improve that balance and create exceptional wines at honest prices.

Far from being a mere alternative, affordable wines offer an exceptional experience at an accessible price, democratizing the enjoyment of drinking a good wine.

Behind each bottle of La Baronía de Turís, there is a story of generations of passion for the land, tradition, and teamwork. Our wines are nurtured from the very beginning in the fields by the cooperative’s associated farmers. They are crafted with carefully selected grapes and follow modern winemaking processes that are sustainable and rooted in local traditions and sustainable development.

Viticultural Cooperatives: A Model of Unity and Quality

Viticultural cooperatives are a fundamental pillar in the wine culture of many regions, as well as an essential part of the economy in many Spanish towns. They bring together small and medium-sized farmers and producers who, by joining forces and sharing knowledge, are able to produce high-quality wines at competitive prices. This cooperative production system is the foundation of La Baronía de Turís, which was born in 1920 as a cooperative to optimize resources, invest in technology, share experiences, and preserve traditions passed down through generations. The result is wines that surprise with their complexity and flavor, while also supporting the agricultural and rural world of our region.

A Positive and Responsible Lifestyle

Opting for wines from cooperatives is a way to support the local economy, promote rural development, and contribute to environmental sustainability. Moreover, it is an excellent option for those seeking to enjoy a good wine without spending too much.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Affordable Wine

When choosing the ideal affordable wine, it is important to consider a few aspects:

  • Your preferences: What type of wine do you enjoy? Do you prefer reds, whites, rosés, or sweet wines?
  • Pairing: What will you be pairing the wine with?
  • Occasion: Is it a wine for everyday enjoyment or for a special occasion?
  • Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend.

Explore, Discover, and Enjoy

The doors to the world of cooperative wines are open. Dare to explore, discover and enjoy a unique sensory experience without paying a high price. You will be surprised by the quality and variety that awaits you, with the quality and variety that we offer.

At Baronía de Turís, you will surely find wines that you will like and others that you will love. From reds, whites, and rosés to wines aged in oak, vermouths, and mistelas, we offer a wide range of options. As an example of everything we have mentioned, our vermouth 13:30 La hora del vermut, was chosen as the best Valencian vermouth for its quality-to-price ratio, being one of the most affordable among its competitors. It is also one of the most awarded Valencian vermouths, receiving recognition on both national and international stages for its quality.

In our winery, in addition to the above-mentioned vermouth, you will find high-quality wines such as 1920, Luna de mar, or the single-varietal wines from the Herni Marc series, with prices ranging from €5.09 to €8.20. We also offer everyday wines such Carácter Propio, Barones de Turís, Viñamalata, Son dos días, with prices ranging from €2.30 to €4.60.

As we have said before: You will be surprised with our quality and you will be surprised with our prices.