Three Popes have said mass with our Sant LeandroA significant amount of mass wine is elaborated in La Baronía de Turís winery.

This kind of wine shall be natural and pure with no extra ingredients. By Transustanciation miracle, the priest changes bread and wine into sacred Jesuscrist’s blood and body. On its labels you can find the distinction “Mass allowed” which is a requisite to be used during mass.

Every year we bottle and send to different religious stores and churches 60.000 Sant Leandro. You can find Sant Leandro in Spain but we also sell worldwide: Cuba, Colombia, Germany or even Japan.La Baronía de Turís is one of the few wineries that produce this type of wine with the Archbishop’s authorization.

At the time of its production, the grape is harvested when it is mature in order to get a sweet product. Only natural ingredients can be used, just like organic wines. Many churches in our country use this natural wine in Eucharist.

Sant Leandro has acquired great prestige over the years. Some Popes have consecrated with our wine. Benedict XVI consecrated with Sant Leandro during his visit to Valencia in 2006 and in Santiago de Compostela in 2010. Also San Juan Pablo II in Rome in March 2001. Last but not least Sant Leandro was used in the massive mass that Pope Francis officiated in Bogotá in front of some 600.000 faithful. 2.500 priests from all over Colombia, as well as from Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico participated too.