Our history

La Baronía de Turís is a centenary winery, a pioneer in the province of Valencia. The cooperative was founded in 1920, when 70 funder partners contributed 51 hectares of vineyard and 200.000 kilos of grapes. Today we are more than 700 winegrowing partners who contribute around 500 hectares of vineyards and produce some 4,5 million kilos of grapes. We develop the whole process in our winery: growing, harvesting, crushing, fermentation and maceration, ageing and bottling.

100 años contigo
100 años contigo

A century later, at the Baronía de Turís we are still working with the same enthusiasm for preserving the centuries-old tradition.

«When you visit the winery you realize that the mood is the same as it was a hundred years ago. The cooperative spirit, of struggle and tradition, the desire to do things well and to continue with a project that inspired our great-grandparents and that inspires today’s young people in the same way».

We are tradition, popular culture, work and passion

From the beginning, the Baronía de Turís had no doubts that it had to market its bottled wines, and by the 1940s it already had three points of sale, two in Valencia and one in Turís. Today we export our wines to all 5 continents, taking the name of Valencia and Spain all over the world. The quality of our wines is acknowledged by the most prestigious competitions and contests. Our wines are identified for being quality wines at honest prices.

A great story thanks to the efforts of all our employees

In our wines you will find all the love, effort and know-how of the wine growers of Turís. The grapes used to make the wines of the Baronía de Turís come from the vineyards of Turís and its region, so the winery is since 1920, past, present and future for the area.


The effort of our farmers, driven by Baronía de Turís own team of winemakers and guided by the evolution of the market, means that we have both native varieties (Tempranillo, Garnacha, Tintorera, Malvasía y Moscatel) as well as foreign (Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon y Sémillon Blanc).


Wine families

The great wines of La Baronía de Turís stand out for their quality, variety and prestige. Througout our 100 years of history, we have developed important references such as the Barón de Turís, our famous mistelas, elegant and award-winning wines such as the Henri Marc and other specialities such as mass wine, vermouths and sangrías.