Premium Mistelas, what are they?

The Valencian Community has a long tradition in the production of mistelas, sweet wines with a high alcohol content made from overripe grapes.  At Baronía de Turís we make mistelas and premium mistelas from different grape varieties, but the mistelas made from muscatel grapes are the best known.

In recent times, our winery has been concerned about raising the quality of this highly appreciated liqueur to the point of turning it into an authentic “premium liqueur”, and so we have started to produce different premium mistelas.

La Baronía de Turís is one of the leading producers of premium mistelas in the Valencian Community and Spain. Founded in 1920, at La Baronía de Turís we have remained faithful to our roots for more than a century, preserving the traditional mistela production techniques while improving the work in the fields to improve the quality of the grapes and incorporating technological advances to improve the quality of our wines and liqueurs. Our commitment to quality and tradition has resulted in a premium range of Mistelas Premium that are a true delight for the senses.

Our premium range of mistelas includes excellent options obtained from single-varietal grapes such as Moscatel, Malvasia and Merlot. Each mistela reflects the unique organoleptic characteristics of the variety used, offering complex aromas and flavours.

Mistelias Baronia de Turis

Undoubtedly, one of our greatest exponents is the Mistela de Moscatel. This mistela is made only with Muscat of Alexandria grapes from centenary vineyards.  These grapes are grown in fields that receive the sea breeze and are bathed by the Mediterranean sun.  These grapes have a more elegant sweetness.

Thanks to their careful and respectful elaboration with the fruit, the premium mistelas of La Baronía de Turís distil high quality and a sweet and tasty flavour in every sip. The centuries-old tradition of La Baronía de Turís in the production of mistelas, together with our efforts to improve this liqueur, has led us to the creation of true gems such as its premium mistelas, Valencian Sun, which are revolutionising the perception of this type of beverage.

What are the premium mistelas like?

Here are some details about the premium mistelas of La Baronía de Turís

Varieties: In addition to the Moscatel mistela, we also make a premium mistela from Merlot grapes, producing a fine, smooth and highly appreciated red mistela. And mistelas from Malvasia, which we also age in oak barrels. Each one reflects the unique organoleptic attributes of the grape.

Process: The grapes are selected by hand and made by macerating them with wine alcohol. Once the alcohol has been well integrated with the must and depending on the mistela we are making, it is transferred to oak barrels or stainless steel tanks.

Ageing: Some of our premium mistelas are subsequently aged in 225, 300 and/or 500 litre oak barrels, which provides greater complexity and unctuousness, for example, our brand 1000 Besos, both in its Muscatel and Merlot varieties.

Alcohol content: All our mistelas have 15% alcohol by volume.

Presentation: We look for a presentation in accordance with a premium liqueur, stylised 50cl bottles like those of 1000 Besos with a metallic label, or 75cl bottles with a sleek packaging that seeks in its design the tradition of Valencia’s festivities, as in Valencian Sun.

Our premium mistelas have the quality of being very elegant and fine in the mouth, yet sophisticated, conveying the essence of the grapes and their land, Valencia, in a subtle and balanced way.

Their balanced sweetness, deep flavour and intoxicating aroma will transport you to the sunny vineyards of the Valencian Community, where each bottle of mistela is a tribute to the rich winemaking tradition of the region. That is why our Premium Mistelas have become one of the most precious and sought-after treasures of the Valencian Community: “The legacy of La Baronía de Turís”.

Premium Mistelas of Baronía de Turís:

1000 Besos Moscatel Selection.

1000 Besos Merlot Selection.

Dona Dolça. Moscatel

Valencian Sun. Moscatel. 5 editions.

Cañamar. Malvasia.