The Baronía de Turís Winery proposes this Christmas to wine consumers to offer a different way with its new Baronía Blue, a flavored wine-based drink, made with Malvasía and Moscatel grapes, which are widely used in viticulture in the area.

With a turquoise blue color and a graduation of 11 degrees, the Baronía Blue has a fruity flavor, which goes perfectly with snacks, light dishes and fruit salads or as an aperitif. At the moment, 5,000 bottles have been launched on the market with the intention that, especially, “consumers who are new to the world of wine enjoy an attractive and different flavor to conventional wines, a milder taste, more easy to consume, since this type of consumer may find it more difficult to start with a traditional wine ”, says Ana Calvet, managing director of La Baronía de Turís.

For Calvet, the new Baronía Blueis a product that was born within the renewed image of the winery, which with its Wine Revolution, is adapting its wines to new market trends, to convey to the final consumer and distributor the idea of ​​a positive renovation”. She also comments that “is a step forward in the innovation that the winery has opted for, which does not cease to seek and further expand its target audience“.

Although it is a product largely destined for export, the Baronía Blue is now available for purchase in the winery’s online store, at a price of 3.99 euros a bottle, and it will soon also be sold in specialized stores.

For the winemaker of the Baronía de Turís, Joan Picó, “Baronía Blue is a daring and different wine that can see a new market niche with which to continue expanding the name of our winery“. According to Picó, “when you taste Baronía Blue you discover a set of sensations that make each glass an opportunity for enjoyment and creativity because it is an innovative drink, with personality, fresh, fruity aroma, with a color shocking, and the authentic flavor of Malvasía and Moscatel grapes ”.

For those in charge of La Bodega Baronía de Turís, the intention has been to create a sweet and easy-to-drink product, adapted to an evolving world where perhaps a small revolution was needed, also in the world of Valencian wine.