Refresh your summer with awarded Valencian white wines.

Do you know about the Valencian white wines of our winery, with awards that guarantee their quality?

The so-called Summer wines are wines that you can enjoy at low temperatures and have refreshing flavours. White wines can be included in this description. With their fruity tones and slight acidity, they can be an ideal partner for some tapas in Summer, even if you like to drink them alone. Although any wine is indeed good for any season of the year if served at its correct temperature to the palate of the wine fans, white wines are one of the most seductive options with the high temperatures that we have in Valencia during Summer.

In our cellar, as always, you can find a few selections of Valencian white wines. And, inside this selection, we want to present you with our awarded white wines. Because awards are a signal of quality and flavour.

White Barón de Turís.

This wine has been made with our iconic malmsey grapes. Its elaboration begins with the grape harvest, which takes place when the grapes are at their perfect ripeness, looking for some good acidity and a proper sweetness to equilibrate them. In this case, the mash is macerated with must at a controlled temperature. Then, the must is fermented in stainless steel with selected yeasts, again with controlled temperature. The bottling takes place a few weeks after the grape harvest, as we want to get out in the market some very fruity and fresh wine.

This process makes the wine perfect to consume in Summer. The ideal temperature to drink it is between 6 and 8ºC.

This wine was selected into the Supervinos 2020 Guide. Also, this last March was awarded again with a silver medal on the Catavium 2021.

Son 2 días.

The first surprising thing about this wine is its name, and the second one, its unique presentation. This Valencian white wine in a blue bottle invites us to enjoy life, remembering that time flies, and we have to enjoy every moment. This Valencian white wine is made with the well-known Muscat grapes; the must is macerated with the skin of the grapes at a controlled temperature to extract the maximum aromas from the grapes. And then, the must is fermented at a controlled temperate in stainless steel tanks. It’s a young wine that we bottle a few weeks after the grapes have been harvested to keep its freshness.

When serving, it is recommended to serve it at around 8ºC. This way, you can take advantage of its citric and tropical tones and drink it, enjoying its full potential.

This surprising wine is already well-known from our winery, being part of the Vinos Cotidianos 2019 Guide and winning the gold medal on Berliner Wein Trophy 2020.

Henri Marc 03

Vino blanco monovarietal Henri Marc 03 Malvasía

We return to the malmsey grapes in the last of our Valencian white wines recommendations. Henri Marc is a small collection of single-varietal wines.

This wine seeks the personality of a different kind of white wine. It’s a wine dry and well-balanced, with an acidity meticulously measured, and it’s fermented and aged in a barrel. It has elaborated thinking about a wine that combines well with dishes that are a bit more filling than the dishes usually paired with white wines that are cooler. The production of Henri Marc 03 starts in the grape harvest, with a curated selection of lands and grapes. Once it is made, it is bottled and remains in the cellar for a few months until it’s released onto the market. It’s an elegant wine, well-balanced, with a soft start and an average body. It has aromas that go from the peach to subtle roasted nutty tones. It’s an ideal wine for the last days of summer. Also, it’s recommended to drink it at a temperature a bit higher, between 9 and 10º.

It’s a wine that has been awarded on two occasions with the silver medal on the Catavium 2019 and 2020.