The balance is very positive, both from a quantitative and qualitative point of view, something to which the weather has contributed during the summer season, which although it has been precarious in the water, the times it has rained it has done so at the right time, With this, the plant has made the most of these little rainfall and the dry period has not affected it significantly.

Our winemaker, Joan Picó, commented that this year we have extraordinarily healthy grapes, without sources of rot that affect the quality so negatively, we thought that the drought was going to affect it negatively, but we have verified that it has been much better than expected.

Production has been slightly more than 20% higher than last year, harvested in a total area of ​​about 700 hectares. The 5 million kilos collected are equivalent to approximately 5,000,000 75 cl bottles. (although we pack in many other formats, both in bottles, such as carafes and bibs)

Regarding the total area of ​​productive vineyard associated with the Cooperative, this vintage has mainly harvested Malmsey, Muscat, Tempranillo, Merlot and Syrah. The breakdown according to varieties is, approximately, 1/3 of grapes of white varieties (Malvasía the majority); 1/3 of muscatel and 1/3 of inks (65% tempranillo and 35% merlot and syrah, mainly).