The Valencian wine is spread all over our community, in the three provinces a quality wine is produced, although it is in the province of Valencia where more and better wine is produced.

Within our province, Valencian wine is divided into 5 zones, according to our Denomination of Origin Wines of Valencia, and where our winery is located, it is one of the areas with the highest and best production of white grapes, with the Muscatel grape being the most important.

In order to make a good white wine, it is essential to have good raw material, quality grapes and to make a good selection of grapes. And during the harvest, this first filtering is carried out with the selection of the best grapes.

The harvested grapes are pressed to obtain the must. This is cleaned of impurities to obtain a clear liquid. Once it is clean, it is left to ferment, and depending on the type of grape, this process takes a different length of time to achieve the necessary alcohol content of between 15 and 16º.

During this process is when the white wine acquires its most distinctive characteristics, which apart from its colour, is its aroma. As a general rule, white wines are more aromatic and fresh than red wines.

Depending on the type of white wine and its peculiarities, it spends more or less time in the tanks. Before bottling, it undergoes another cleaning process to remove all traces of impurities.

As a general rule, soft wines are usually marketed as young wines of the year, so once they have been bottled, they go to the market and to your homes.
We hope you enjoy our white wines as much as we do.

As examples of them, we have a great variety such as the white Barón de Turís, one of the few 100% malvasía wines of the Denominación Origen Valencia or the muscatel grapes such as Son 2 días, Viñamalata, Luna de Mar white and the Henri Marc 03, which is also 100% malvasia.