Pairing is a very serious matter, and perhaps pairing white wines is even more so. So, if we are rigorous, we will not reach any agreement. The pairing depends on what we are going to cook or eat, in which case we forget about people and the fact that each one of us has a taste that may not coincide with that of others.

Our first recommendation is not to pair each dish with a single wine. Maybe in a restaurant we can’t do it because of the costs, but at home, yes. It will be a way to surprise your guests with a special pairing, you can choose two different wines and you can try them both. With this, you will get a more enjoyable lunch or dinner, very different and with a main theme, the wine.

In addition, today we propose a very special dish for white wine pairing: sushi.

Sushi and white wines:

White wine goes perfectly with sushi. There are wines that have come to be presented as “perfect” for pairing with sushi, some have even described themselves as “smooth, fruity, fresh, with a touch of sweetness and discreet acidity”. But is this the best option?

The main idea when pairing wine and sushi is to refresh the palate to balance the fat and protein of the fish, and this is usually achieved with acidity.

But another very interesting and surprising option would be a dry white wine, and with it, we bring another point of view to the food.

For the first option, we would go for the white Baron de Turis, which provides a wide range of nuances and a point of acidity at the end that combines perfectly with the parameters of a good pairing to accompany the Japanese speciality of sushi.

And in the second option, a white wine with a dry touch such as the white Luna de Mar can provide a certain “shock” of flavour, for example, with makis with nori seaweed or the tuna belly with its meat full of fatty streaks.

In any case, most varieties of aromatic white wine will work very well, as long as we remember that the higher the percentage of fat in the fish, the more acidity we need in the wine; nor should we forget that, if our fish is spicy, an extra touch of sweetness in the wine will suit it wonderfully, in this case, the Viñamalata white wine would be a good choice.

We should avoid wines with a high alcoholic content, as sushi tends to be delicate and wine should not impose itself, but rather accompany it.