We present you our recommendations of wines for Christmas this year.

Christmas is just around the corner, and, because of that, it is the perfect time to start planning the menus for those special days. And, with them, also decide with what kind of drinks we want to accompany them. From Baronía de Turís we want to show you our small selection that we have made this year for wine for Christmas that will delight any wine lover.

For starters, un white wine .

When starting with the meal, it is best to opt for a light and refreshing wine, which helps the appetite. For this reason, we always like to recommend our wine Son 2 días. This single varietal wine made from Muscat grapes is ideal for appetizers. Served in an intriguing bottle of intense blue colour, it will be the perfect detail as a counterpoint with appetizers. It is also highly recommended accompanying seafood or white fish dishes, usually the first dishes that appear on the Christmas table.

As you can see in its tasting notes, it is a wine with floral and citrus tones. It is, therefore, considered a refreshing wine with a powerful bouquet, but delicate to the taste. In addition, it has been receiving awards for three consecutive years. In 2019 was selected by the Everyday Wine Guide, in 2020 it took gold at the Berliner Wein Trophy and this year silver at the Best Wines FASCV and Alicante Gastronomic.

The main curse, with red wine.

The main courses at Christmas dinners are usually meat or roast recipes. Or, if it is a meal, you may prefer some stew. Dishes with powerful flavours designed to warm the inside and cheer the soul. That’s why our Christmas wine recommendation is one of our most prized wines, Henri Marc 02. Henri Marc is a select collection of single-varietal wines, and number two is made from hand-harvested Merlot grapes.

Thanks to its curious winemaking done by dividing part of the wine for French barrel ageing and the other half in stainless steel tanks, blending them just before bottling, it has a unique personality. It may look like a dense wine at first, but it leaves a pleasant finish thanks to its red fruit aromas. You will also find balsamic and spicy notes.

It is one of the most awarded wines of our Valencian winery, counting to date with 9 awards since 2019. The last two, received in 2021, are the gold medal in the CWSA and the silver medal in the Verema.

Desserts also need some Christmas wines, and we bet on the Valencian tradition with our best traditional mistela.

Another tradition that cannot be missed at Christmas dinners and lunches is desserts and sweets. Those long after-dinner conversations, so common in the Spanish culture, where you can relax and chat. What can you drink to accompany them? Of course, with a good coffee or infusion. But it can also be accompanied by other things, and that’s where our traditional mistela  comes in.

Mistela is halfway between a wine and a sweet liqueur, which makes it perfect to accompany desserts. Our mistela is made with Muscat of Alexandria grapes and is called Valencian Sun. True to its name, it has a flavour reminiscent of Valencia, a balance between the acidity of citrus and the sweetness of honey. It is a traditional “mistela”, that carries the Valencian attitude, even in its bottling, inspired by fallera fabrics. And, of course, it also has several awards under its name, having received two medals this year, a gold medal from the Spain Selection and a silver medal from Bacchus.

We hope we have helped you to decide what to buy about wines for Christmas and that you can enjoy these dates with your family and close people. Because these are dates designed to spend with other people, say goodbye to the year 2021 and gather strength to enter 2022.