Baronía de Turís trust trade
On September 9, 2020 we obtained the Trust Commerce seal extended by the Valencia Chamber of Commerce. This distinction guarantees that our physical store, adjacent to the winery, meets the security protocol and good practices, written by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism Secretariat of State.

Baronía de Turís is Trusted Commerce

Our physical store obtains the Trust Commerce seal from the Valencia Chamber of Commerce.

The expansion of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has led, in the case of Spain, to the adoption of a series of special measures in order to fight against COVID-19 and establish rules applicable to businesses to ensure adequate level of protection, safety and hygiene that protects people, workers, suppliers and customers, consumers or users.

We are centenary and we are committed

In the year of our centenary, we have found ourselves in a position to pitch in, work hand in hand and fight to guarantee the future of commerce for an entire nation.

The passage of the years has made us wiser, more expert and more committed. In short, it has made us better. As we have been doing for 100 years, at La Baronía we meet all the necessary requirements to ensure a great product and a better consumer experience.

The Baronía de Turís has adopted a series of exceptional measures in the face of the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the aim of protecting the health of our workers and their families, as well as our clients and collaborators, trying to reduce the possibilities contagion.

If you visit our physical store, recently remodeled , you will find a wide variety of local products such as oils, wines and spirits. A philosophy of life that combines tradition and avant-garde, origin and innovation and, above all, maximum quality.

At La Baronía we take care of even the smallest detail, so that you always find what best suits your needs.

Guaranteeing all security measures, you can find premium mistelas, our awarded Vermut 13:30 La hora del vermut, unique signature wines such as monovarietals Henri Marc, the Barón de Turís family, not to mention the wide variety of formats in which we present our wines.

Formats like Bag In Box more economical and long-lasting thanks to its successful storage and dispensing method.

Come and meet us and enjoy a pleasant visit to our land, mother of great wines.