Recently we have had the collaboration of Adrián Roig, master cocktail maker and friend of the winery. The idea came naturally, with the characteristic desire of creative people who immediately put their minds to work.
Is it possible to make cocktails with some wine from The Baronía of Turís? Of course it was. Adrián began to design recipes for cocktails with products from our winery, combinations that respect and enhance the winery’s own character. The result was a complete success.
The Baronía of Turís is proud of the wide range of offer that it elaborates, since any palate will find a product that seduces and satisfies them.
For years, our CEO Ana Calvet with her team, has been modernizing the facilities and the image of the winery, with modern touches, while respecting our century-old tradition. New bets like the Baronía Blue (our familiar “blue wine”) or the vermouth “13:30 the hour of the Vermouth”, are the protagonists of the cocktails that we bring you next.
Passion and creativity match.
Required ingredients:
Vermouth 13:30 the hour of the Vermouth.
Baronía Blue.
Gin (optional)
Decoration to taste.
This simple combination will not leave anyone indifferent:
First step: Cool the vermouth glass with ice. To ensure that the vermouth is kept cold, one trick is to pre-chill the glass in which it is to be served.
Mix in a shaker 2 parts of Vermouth 13:30 with 1 part of Baronía Blue.
Remove the ice from the glass and serve.
If you want to give an extra touch, it is possible to add a small amount of gin to taste, we recommend that it is dry.
All the recipes are open to new interpretations, our suggestion is that you explore new flavors and dare to give your own touch to the cocktails.

If you create the combination at home, or make your own, do not forget to share it on social media, we will be happy to “Likes” your creations.