We would like to share with you the great joy of having received 3 important awards in Asia Wine Challenge 2020 one of the most important international competitions in the world. We have also been the only Valencian winery awarded in this accredited contest which has been held for more than 15 years.
We received a Gold medal for Henri Marc 02 2018 one of the most awarded merlot wines in Comunidad Valenciana and two silver medals, one for Barón de Turís Gran Reserva 2013 and another for Barón de Turís Reserva 2016.
The Asia Wine Challenge 2020 is considered by the American television CNN as the most influential wine competition in the world with more than 100 expert judges on wine.
These awards represent a great boost for the winery in these difficult times. These new recognitions reaffirm our commitment to producing high quality wines at very competitive prices.

Henri Marc Collection and Barón de Turís are two of our most famous and awarded wines. Henri Marc Colletion is a collection of monovarietal wines that is made up of two red grapes: the award-winning Merlot (Henri Marc 02) and a shiraz (Henri Marc 01); and a very peculiar white of Malvasia grapes (Henri Marc 03). On the other hand, the Barón de Turís family which is our best-known, includes a wide range of wines from a young red of the year to Reserva and Gran Reserva awarded in the Asia Wine Challenge, to a white, a white semi sweet, a rosé and a crianza. Barones de Turís can be found in most of the supermarkets in our area.
All these wines have the seal of the Regulatory Council of Wines of the Protected Denomination of Origin Valencia (DO Valencia)