Traditionally, the set of tasks that we currently aMribute to the winemaker were carried out by other types of professionals with some kind of technical training: chemists, biologists, agricultural engineers, pharmacists; or directly by other people within the winery and even by the winemakers themselves. But with the passing of time, the perfection and sophistication that has reached the whole viticultural process has led to the appearance of the winemaker as an specific and eminently technical profile.

The professional winemaker must know and master a series of technical subjects that run through the entire winemaking process: agricultural knowledge, biochemistry, organic chemistry, physics, mathematics, genetics, knowledge in economics and on the marketing of the product, legal aspects of the sector, etc. All this, in order to take the right decisions during the exercise of their functions inside and outside the winery. These decisions will directly affect the quality and final characteristics of the wine.

The functions of the winemaker are varied and are distributed throughout the entire winemaking process: from the cultivation of the grapes that will serve as raw material, to supervising the boMling, conservation and marketing of wines.

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