The winery pays homage to Valencia and the Fallas with the launch of our new mistela fallera Valencian Sun, dressed by the great Valencian costume designer Álvaro Moliner.

La Baronía de Turís fuses tradition, origin, culture and crafts with its new mistela Valencian Sun

The Baronía de Turís presented yesterday in society one of its most ambitious projects, the new Mistela Valencian Sun. A project “with which we wanted to pay a small tribute to Valencia, combining tradition, culture and craftsmanship, and betting, in turn, on the star product of our winery, as is the muscat mistela”, said Ana Calvet, our general director, during the presentation ceremony that took place at the headquarters of the DO Valencia.

The new mistela presents an exquisite image, joint work of the Baronía de Turís, its design team La Nube de Ideas and the great Valencian dressmaker Álvaro Moliner, who has collaborated intensely from the first moment to dress this muscat, contributing his fabrics and knowledge to the creation of a wrap that reflects all these values, “highlighting its Valencian origin and strengthening the relationship with the party and with the Fallas”, added Ana Calvet.

The fabric chosen to dress Valencian Sun is a Louis XV herringbone, “the greatest exponent in the manufacture of fabrics for Valencian costumes and without a doubt, synonymous with quality, beauty and tradition, which perfectly shows the message that we want to convey to the consuming public “, as explained by Alvaro Moliner, who wanted to cover this event with his presence.

The launch of this La Baronía de Turís project responds to our commitment to the muscat grape and to our almost 100 years of history and although it has cost many months of work, both from the design team and the workers of the winery, Valencian Sun it is the “living expression of our land, our character, our Mediterranean climate, our light and color and our sun” , born with a universal character, but ultimately, very ours.