As the centenary approaches, we are very busy in the Winery. The Baronía de Turís celebrates its 100th anniversary, and we want to honor it in style with our Barón. The sad and unfortunate circumstances that have marked this 2020 do not cloud the enthusiasm and effort that characterizes our workers and partners. That same enthusiasm that has brought us to where we are today.

At Baronía de Turís we honored, strengthen and take a step forward with our most representative brand: “BARÓN DE TURÍS”. For this purpose, we have designed a new label that reflects the centuries-old and rejuvenated spirit of the winery. A label that is quite a declaration of intentions. The Barón de Turís ceases to be a cut-out profile to become a presence, a protagonist. Now the Barón has a face, a rejuvenated face that encourages a younger audience to connect with the winery. The packaging renovation project has been carried out by the creative marketing studio laNube de Ideas, who have been able to invest in the new codes in design and labeling, and together with the whole team of the Baronía de Turís, every detail has been taken into account: colors, artwork, printing… The new packaging of Barón de Turís has been a long process of meetings, study, suggestions, debates, sketches, corrections… in which the creative studio, the management, and the commercial and technical teams of the winery have been 100% involved, and of course, our customers, who have given us their opinion. This is the result.

However, we want to emphasize that the product remains the same: a wine made with the best ingredients and hard work. A wine that has been with us for generations, and that together with the “mistela” is one of the greatest representatives of the winery. We updated the labeling while respecting to the maximum the flavor and quality that distinguish us. We have recently started bottling with the new label, and an exciting atmosphere can be felt everywhere. Nervousness, excitement, and the hustle and bustle of such change characterize the winery these days.