13:30 La Hora del Vermut the best Valencian vermouth (said by Valencia Plaza) and the perfect partner for Spring.

The good weather is here. Valencia, a city of sun, heat and beaches is awakening after the winter. If we take into account that we are in 2021 and have had restrictions about terraces, friend’s reunions, the curfew… We have lived in the longest winter hibernation ever. But, with the good weather comes the good news, and soon you will be able to invite your friends to your home and have a drink, make a short trip with a picnic, returning to the terraceo (a common word to say that you’re going to a bar with your friends to get a drink on its terrace). You have a lot of possibilities, but whatever you decide to do, make sure to order for Valencian vermouth.

The vermouth, which has returned from the oblivion of the last few decades to stay, is the perfect drink to accompany some snacks before lunch or in the middle of the afternoon. The vermouth, by definition, is a neutral (usually white) wine that had been aromatized. What can be used to aromatized it? Each vermouth has its secret formula, a combination of aromatic herbs, flowers, sweeteners, spices… There are as many choices as there are tastes and finding your perfect vermouth can be a pleasurable adventure.

Citrusy, mahogany and perfect to whet the appetite.

Our craft vermouth, 13:30h Hora del Vermut (13:30h, The Vermouth’s Hour), as the name suggests, is ideal to take it before lunch (in Spain is around 14.00h) with a little snack. It’s crafted with Valencian grapes named “malvasia” which are grown in the area of Turís. You could find some hints of citrus and eucalyptus, as well as an aftertaste of cinnamon among others flavours. In a few words, it’s the best combination between bitterness and sweetness. And we are not the only ones to say so, because this vermouth is the best Valencian vermouth said by the newspaper Valencia Plaza. This newspaper made a ranking based on their price and the score from the Peñín’s Vermouths’ Guide 2020.

With this good weather, we are usually in the mood for colder drinks and our Valencian vermouth, with an ice cube and a slice of orange, can be the ideal choice. You can take that charcuterie board that you’re thinking about (or some olives, some anchovies, some nuts…) with a glass of 13:30 La Hora del Vermut and enjoy the company of your beloved ones.

If you’re thinking about buying some vermouth online to make the most of the sunshine from the comfortability of your home, 13:00 La Hora del Vermut is your vermouth. Not only it’s one of the best Valencian vermouths until the date thanks to its taste, but also its price. The best treasures are not always the priciest and at “Baronía de Turís“ we follow that philosophy with our craft vermouth. Don’t think more about it and add a bottle (or as many as you want) of 13:30 La Hora del Vermut, the Valencian vermouth with the best quality price right now to your next purchase.