A vermouth is usually drunk in the following way: in a large glass, preferably wide, put 2 or 3 ice cubes. We put a slice of lemon and add a small squeeze of squeezed lemon (not too much, just a little) to add the acidity of the lemon which will give us freshness.

And a toothpick with a couple of pitted olives, and it is ready to serve.

Another variation is to add a generous slice of orange instead of the lemon. Instead of acidity, it gives it a different sweetness.

Another way to serve it, lowering the alcohol content of the traditional vermouth, is to add siphon. You follow the same steps as before to make your vermouth, but you only put a third of vermouth in the glass, the ice cubes, the lemon or orange and add siphon up to the rim of the glass.

In this way, the alcohol is reduced and the result is a less strong drink.

The best time to have a vermouth is before lunch. In the past, people used to leave home at weekends at around 1 p.m. to “have a vermouth” or an “aperitif”, which was synonymous with having a vermouth. Or when the 12 noon mass was over, they would go to the bar to have a vermouth. But now, 13.30 is La Hora del Vermut of Baronía de Turís.

Our vermouth 13.30 La hora del vermut is a tribute to our traditions, to our grandparents.