The muscatel grape is one of the main grapes used in Valencian wineries.

The Muscat of Alexandria is a grape variety which is adapted to the mild Mediterranean climate. This grape needs the proximity of the Mediterranean and its sea breeze. One of the subzones of the Denomination of Origin Valencia is called “Moscatel”. This area is limited by of Chiva, Cheste, Godelleta, Montroy, Monserrat, Real de Montroy and our Turís. This grape is also grown in other areas of Valencia and Alicante. Surely the best Valencian fruity white wines come from this grape.

The Muscat of Alexandria provides us very pleasant wines, both dry wines and fruity wines. One of its characteristics is that it has a powerful aroma with fresh and grape flavors and in the vast majority of Muscat wines, slightly fruity and with low acidity.

The white wines of this grape are usually served very cold; over 6º is its perfect temperature. Most Valencian white wines are recommended to be served very cold, due to the characteristics of the wines.

The Muscat grape also provides us a delicious liquor wine with a minimum alcohol content of 15º.  The Moscatel mistela or Liquor Wine is the most representative wine in the history of the Valencia Denomination of Origin. Our winery is one of the main producers of this type of mistela in the entire Valencian Community, and our brands Mistela Moscatel de Turís and Valencian Sun are among the most awarded of the Denomination of Origin Valencia.

In our vineyards, other varieties of white grapes are also grown, such as merseguera and malvasía.

In Baronía de Turís, we love Malvasía. It is a grape that we know perfectly. Although it is very delicate, it is adapted perfectly to our terroirs. With this variety of grape, as well as muscat, we make dry white wines, fruity white wines, mistelas and vermouths.

With these two grape varieties: malvasía and moscatel, we elaborate very different wines, from fruity to dry, sweet and semi-sweet.

Baronia’s white wines:

Malvasía’s wines: Henri Marc 03, Barón de Turís, Baronía de Turís blanco, Castillo de Turís y Tía Isabel.

Fruity Malvasía’s wines:  Barón de Turís semi

Special Malvasía’s wines: Cañamar, Baronía Seco, Sant Leandro, vermut 13:30 y Baronía Blue (coupage de malvasía y moscatel).

Moscatel’s wines: Lunar de Mar.

Fruity Moscatel’s wines: Son 2días, Viñamalata,

Moscatel Mistela: Mistela Moscatel de Turís, 1000 Besos, Valencian Sun, Dona Dolça.