Our mistelas triumph one more year in the prestigious Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Awards. In last year’s competition our Mistela Moscatel Turís won the 3 most important awards: Double Gold, GrandPrix and finally the Diamond Trophy, in this year 2023, it repeats in the colour getting the gold medal and, in addition, we achieved another award, in this case the silver medal for the premium mistela 1000 Besos Merlot, a very special and different red mistela.

Mistela Moscatel Turís is undoubtedly one of our best known and most appreciated wines, a wine that we export to the five continents and which is increasingly gaining more and more recognition. On the other hand, the mistela 1000 Besos Merlot is a different liqueur wine, not only because it is a red mistela, but also because of its flavour, because of the different nuances it takes on, which give it a very peculiar acidity to the sweetness of the mistela.

Our mistelas 1000 Besos, both the Merlot and the Moscatel, are matured in barrels to give them greater character and differentiation.