La Mistela, contrary to popular belief, is not a proper wine. Its production is different from the production of a wine, and therefore does not fall into this category, but into the category of liqueur wine.

La Baronia de Turís’ typical Mistela has been produced for thousands of years and it is obtained adding wine alcohol to grape must, in this case, Muscat of Alexandria. Such an amount of alcohol prevents the yeasts from fermenting and at the same time, it keeps the product in good condition for much longer.

In Valencia we usually say that there is no lunch without Mistela. This is because the traditional pairing of a liqueur wine is a dessert. And indeed, the Mistela is normally served very cold and accompanied by a sweet, but rules are often broken. Gastronomy is innovation, it is contrast. Our CEO Ana Calvet, in a recent interview with 5 Barricas, proposes to pair Mistela with patés and cheeses.

As Turís is a land of tradition, the mistela de moscatel is one of our distinguishing marks, and we offer 4 different types of varieties. All palates will find their ideal mistela.

We start with the traditional Mistela de Turís, our most international mistela. Bottled in the famous “laurel” bottle, the Mistela Moscatel deTurís is a silky, rich and long taste product. It has a guaranteed success.

The Valencian Sun is our most “fallera” mistela. Dressed by the Valencian dressmaker Alvaro Moliner, this mistela stands out for its elegance and finesse.

1000 besos is a different, special mistela, it is a mistela aged in barrels. It is pleasant on the palate, full-bodied,it has a suggestive and complex sensation, good intensity and long aftertaste with reminiscences of nuts and ageing oak.

Finally, Dona Dolça, a delicate silky and elegant mistela.

We not only produce mistelas with moscatel must, we also produce mistelas from malvasia; with this variety we prepare the San Leandro mass wine, and Cañamar that is a white mistela aged in 500-liter barrels using the soleras method.